bbPress Moderation Suite 0.1-beta1 call for participation

I’ve been working almost nonstop for the last few days on bbPress Moderation Suite, getting it up to date. However, there’s only so much testing I can do on my own. Here’s how you can help:

For experienced administrators

Download and install the development version of bbPress Moderation Suite. It is recommended that you use a local install if you feel unsure about installing plugins still in development. (XAMPP, for example)

Report any bugs you find to this post or the plugins page.

Subscribe to the Subversion commit RSS so you know when there’s an update available.

For inexperienced/non-administrators

I’ve set up a demo forum, so the non-privileged features like reporting posts can be tested without installation.

For really, really experienced administrators

It would be nice if someone could do a security audit on the plugin.