bb-NoSpamUser 0.8 changes:

  • A whole lot of automated translations (8), along with a request for PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY KNOW A FOREIGN LANGUAGE UNLIKE ME to do a quick check on whichever ones they can, just to make sure I don’t say something about eating someone’s grandmother.
  • Me realizing that I never actually released 0.8, so the next version can’t be 0.8.1.
  • All of the Stop Forum Spam interaction is now done via WP_Http
  • The maximum days option is no longer a minimum, but a maximum like it should have been
  • Aggressive mode uses the maximum occurrences to block anyone, not just the bots that have shown up within the maximum days.
  • The plugin is a lot easier to localize
  • Instead of blocking everyone if no options are set, block all possible spammers and not people who have never been reported.
  • If the plugin activation hook fails for some unknown reason, inject defaults next time a registration is attempted.