Ben L.’s top 25 bbPress do’s and don’ts

DO ask for help on the support forum if you have a problem.
DON’T literally cry or bang your head on your desk. That’s just weird.

DO wait patiently for a solution to your problem. There are a lot of people just like you that have problems, and some of the problems are probably similar to yours.
DON’T post five times in a row asking why nobody has answered your question yet.

DO suggest hip new ideas that would help the community as a whole if they are implemented.
DON’T scream and break things if _ck_ won’t build you a giant rubber duck that sings Mary Had A Little Lamb.

DO respond to questions that have been posted if you have a possible solution or more information that can help others find a solution.
DON’T post unrelated garbage about your cat eating some grass in a topic about importing Community Server to bbPress.

DO get lots of sleep before you attempt programming something on a large scale.
DON’T try to program in your sleep. I know this from experience.

DO use bbPress.
DON’T call it BB praz.

DO make yourself known in the community.
DON’T make yourself known for screaming like a baby.

DO blame Matt if an Automattic server gives you a 503 error.
DON’T blame Matt if you forgot your password on your own bbPress forum. That has absolutely nothing to do with Matt.

DO fork bbPress.
DON’T complain to the point where people have to fork #bbPress or the bbPress support forum because they don’t want you on it.

DO make powerful plugins based on bbPress APIs.
DON’T make the same plugin that 5 other people have made.

DO customize your bbPress installation and make it your own.
DON’T edit core files (unless you’re a developer and you’re using SVN).

DO idle in the IRC.
DON’T die in the IRC.

DO post error messages in your support requests.
DON’T post the first two words of a 100 word error message and expect someone to be able to help you.

DO look out for errors and report or try to fix them when they occur.
DON’T turn on E_ALL | E_STRICT and scream when your forum explodes.

DO monitor your forum for things that may need your attention.
DON’T go to your forum and hold down F5 all day.

DO bite off more than you can chew.
DON’T tell anyone what you’re “going to do” if you did.

DO fix errors in other people’s plugins.
DON’T release your own plugin that is an exact copy of someone else’s plugin except that it includes the fix.

DO post mini plugins when they can help people.
DON’T release them in the bbPress plugin browser.

DO post screenshots when they can help fix your problem.
DON’T shoot your screen with a gun.

DO IP ban spammers.
DON’T IP ban spammers using a CIDR of 0.

DO commit new features before you release the next version of your plugin so people can test them.
DON’T commit new features every type you press a key.

DO install plugins with features you want.
DON’T install plugins with two pages of complaints about security flaws.

DO be bold.
DON’T make incorrect assumptions about the gender of a person with a semi-unpronounceable username.

DO update your bbPress installation frequently.
DON’T update your bbPress installation every five seconds. Especially if you’re updating manually.

DO reply to this post.
DON’T post to this reply.