bbPM Translators Wanted

bbPM 1.0.1 is almost done – in fact, the code already is. It contains seven bugfixes:

  • bbPM no longer thinks that replies are new to the person who sent them
  • An attempt at making other plugins work normally (eg. Post Count Plus)
  • bbPress Smilies now works with bbPM.
  • The username dropdown is slightly easier to click on. (Suggested by nutsmuggler)
  • Static reply form added as an option (Suggested by rbat)
  • Fixed a bug with adding members to a thread on forums with pretty permalinks turned off
  • Added the ability to limit the number of members in any given thread. (Suggested by pagal)

It’s already one of the most downloaded plugins on the bbPress plugin browser, with a total of 3,798 downloads at the time of this post. However, its translations are incomplete.

The translations range from 41 to 92% complete, and it is only very recently that the one translation set with over 76% coverage was started. If you know a language other than English, I hope that you will go to my translation site and make at least one or two translations in your language. It’s simple, free, and it helps the community.

For people who prefer traditional translation tools like Poedit or Notepad, you can use this POT file, or you can export a PO file from any of the translation set pages.