Chinese names in bbPress

2010-07-24T14:04:11Z 邹 毅, who goes by yexingzhe on the translation station posted the first reply. It was in English (thank goodness – that’s all I can understand) and said “great”.

2010-07-27T12:57:03Z 小可 posted “楼上如何有中文名呢?”, which Google Translate says means “Upstairs to a Chinese Name?”.

2010-07-27T12:58:23Z 小可 posted “…..我正在想怎样才能支持中文名注册.”. This time, Google Translate is a little more sensible and says “….. I wonder how to support the Chinese name registration.”

This begs the question: Is this a bug or a limitation of how bbPress works? I’m going to try to make a patch for this, but I want to know the community’s opinion: